Gyro Lander

In Gyro Lander you navigate your spaceship's decent on a foreign world. You operate the spaceship by turning your phone to set the angle of the ship and touching the screen to engage the thrusters. Carefully weigh your use of your thruster, use too little and you will crash, use too much and you have no fuel left for your next landing. As you proceed through the levels the terrain gets rougher and you will start further from the landing pad.

Gyro Lander is faithful recreation of the classic Lunar Lander game, but introduces a novel way of controlling, where the phones gyroscope is used as a direct and intuitive control for the angle of the spaceship. Using the gyro directly allows turning the phone be a superior mode of control allowing the user intuitive and fast maneuverability.

I hope you will enjoy this little game.

Go land on them moons, you!